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Dig the Tropic

The Dig The Tropic App is a themed Geo-Tourism Trail linking the wonders of the Southern Great Barrier Reef with the mysteries of Queensland’s Outback. It is the only known trail of its kind in the world, enabling visitors to experience a self-drive trail like no other. Following the Tropic of Capricorn, you will experience a living museum created by ancient events left behind. Visit sites such as the Stone House Museum, Age of Dinosaurs Museum, Lark Quarry, the Sapphire Gemfields, Capricorn Caves and the Great Barrier Reef.

The App will allow you to view and map out self drive routes, check the top 10 attractions and find out what there is to do when travelling along the Dig the Tropic trail.

Download the Dig the Tropic App

Explore Capricorn

Central Queensland’s Capricorn region begins approximately 630 km north of the capital city of Brisbane and covers an area of 115,000 square kilometres ,

stretching from the Southern Great Barrier Reef and the Capricorn Coast in the east, through the major city of Rockhampton and further west to Emerald, the Sapphire Gemfields and spectacular Carnarvon Gorge.

With the free Capricorn App, you now hold the entire region in the palm of your hand.

Looking for Accommodation? Not sure what to do once you get to the Capricorn region? Then look no further than this Mobile Visitor Information Centre. The Capricorn App can provide you with comprehensive lists of Accommodation, Attractions, Destinations, Events, Tours and Transport available. On top of this you will have access to the full suite of Capricorn Brochures and Guides, links

Capricorn iPhone App

to Capricorn Social Media for all the latest news and direct contact with Accredited Visitor Information Centres.

* Location and contact details for all the Visitor Information Centres in the regionApp Features include:

* Use the “Near Me” function to locate Accommodation, Events and Points of Interest within a 10km radius
* Access to the Capricorn Holiday planner and Visitor Guides
* A map view of the region with customisable Points of Interest
* An interactive ‘image reel’ of the regions top Experiences and Locations

Download the Explore Capricorn App now to Experience the vastness and Explore the wonder that is Capricorn.