‘Dig the Tropic’ – an exciting destination suitable for groups, where students are able to visit geo-tourism attractions, and get their ‘hands on’ experience at a number of unique locations. The region offers numerous opportunities to get-up-close with the natural environment, uncover the fascinating geological history of this ancient land, and enjoy modern facilities suitable for group needs & budgets. Reasons why you should make the trip with your Students Top 3 unique ‘Dig’ things to do with student groups:

  • ‘Dig’ for Dinosaurs: Lark Quarry Dinosaur Trackways (via Winton) and the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, Winton
  • Opal and sapphire fossicking: Opalton, Rubyvale and the Sapphire Gemfields, via Rubyvale
  • Ancient underground caves exploration: Capricorn Caves

Destination‟s benefits for student groups:

  • Unique attractions, fascinating destination, and topics suitable for school and university subjects
  • Easy to access by land – bus, private vehicles, mostly sealed roads, no traffic problems
  • Safe destination for students – wide-open spaces, no “distractions” (ie. no large city locations); easy to facilitate supervision
  • Suitable accommodation options for group needs Services, accommodation and tour attraction costs are suitable for groups on a limited budget